Candled Endsleigh Library

Candled is a local company based in Milton Abbot near Tavistock, which designs and manufactures real wax ultra-realistic LED candles. The ‘flame’ is created by unique LED lighting technology which mimics the spectral quality of a real candle. State of the art electronics and software faithfully replicates the burning and flickering of a real flame. The result is a beautiful LED candle made of real wax which is hard to distinguish from a traditional candle, but will last more than five thousand times longer!

Candled Endsleigh Wedding Setup

Candled approached Tavistock Photo to capture the real flame effect for their website photography. We also had the wonderful opportunity to work with them and Master Florist Amanda Randall at the stunning Hotel Endsleigh.

Candled website photography realistic flame

Check out their beautiful range of realistic candles at



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