mouth watering photographs


Food photography is all about making the picture good enough to eat. It requires time, dedication and attention to detail. It also requires a passion for the food itself. We are blessed with an abundance of great produce and great food producers across the South West. There can be nothing more exiting that wandering around a local farmers market and sampling the wonderful delights of sight, smell and taste on offer.

Our aim is to capture that in our images. We want the viewer of the photographs to feel the same passion for the products. The desire to try, to taste, to experience.

Lush Buns

stand out from the competition

Make your business stand out with quality photography on your website, advertising or sales literature. It not only can increase sales and the perception of your business, but actually poor quality images can have the reverse effect and ruin a customers opinion of your products or service.

Great photography is only a click away

Tavistock Photo provides professional photography at affordable rates. Don’t chance your business to your smartphone when you can get professionally taken and edited shots to really showcase your business or products.
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