Whilst on a shoot recently I had an unfortunate accident with my Induro C214 tripod, I placed the tripod on the ground whilst I took some other shots. I then thought my car is in the way so I’ll move it, but as I drove off I though I had ran over a stick, only later to realise it was my tripod. The result was one of the the carbon fibre legs was completely broken. Induro-C214

Unfortunately after contacting Induro, I discovered it had been discontinued and parts were no longer available. I had been very happy with my C214 so immediately looked at its replacement the CLT204.

The Induro brand is very well made, easy to use and very steady. I love the light weight of the carbon fibre, and the fact that it doesn’t freeze your hands on a cold day unlike the old aluminium one I still have. The tripod is 4 section carbon fibre and just stunning in quality. It is only 54cm (21.2″) when folded yet can stand at 156cm (61.4″) with the centre column fully extended or 135cm (53.1″) with the centre column down.

There a few minor improvements over the old model too which I really appreciate. The first being the leg lock seems more comfortable in the hands and also all of the upper leg sections all have a foam sleeve rather than just one. But my favourite is the second short centre column that now comes included. This means you can spread out the legs really wide and still get low to the ground.

Also included in the price is tripod bag and tools inside the case which include interchangeable rubber feet and stainless steel spikes.

For more information please visit http://www.indurogear.com/uk/products/induro-clt204.aspx

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