Colour managed workflow

Today we live in a media rich world. All around us are images and advertisements.

Ensuring that your images are colour accurate is essential to your products. We can provide a full colour managed workflow from the initial shot, through the editing process to final output with embedded colour profiles.


Stand out from the competition

Make your business stand out with quality photography on your website, advertising or sales literature. It not only can increase sales and the perception of your business, but actually poor quality images can have the reverse effect and ruin a customers opinion of your products or service.

Take the two images below. The image on the left is a typical product shot where the product has been isolated from the background. Whilst this is common for many product shots on websites, it makes the product appear to float in space rather than appear to sit on a surface.

The image on the right is still isolated from the background but retains the original shadow to give a more realistic look.

The same effect can be used even if you are adding the isolated product shot to a coloured or textured background.

Great photography is only a click away

Tavistock Photo provides professional photography at affordable rates. Don’t chance your business to your smartphone when you can get professionally taken and edited shots to really showcase your business or products.

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